Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to get sand for my tulips in the heavily-snowy winter

First make sure that there is not naked earth surface available nearby.

1. Wait for it to get dark, so that no one can see me.
2. Get ready the tools, empty pot for the sand, a large bin of hot water, and spoon.
3. Go to the snow-coverd volleyball playground, and pour hot water there.
4. When the snow and ice melts and sand shows up, dig it with spoon and put it into the sand pot.
5. Leave the "crime scene" as soon as possible.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Something crazy

A: Hi,

B, C, D: Hi,

A: I am about to say something crazy is that OK?

B, C, D: ....(wondering about the unknown)

A: I promise that you will survive during the whole course when I am saying it. So Can I say it now?

B, C, D: ....(still wondering about the unknown)

A: Here is the document that I have signed so that I will be fully responsible for the consequences of what I am about to say. You will get compensations if any damaging events happen to you during when I am saying it.
So, Can I say it now?

B, C, D: Go ahead!


After a few sentences, A, B, C, D all disappeared.