Sunday, January 6, 2008

Luxurious update

This handsome and tough looking bird is a New Zealand robin (if I remembered right). He is so very good at posing that he should be the cover bird of "VOGUE AVIAN"

Thanx to David Attenborough and the interesting BBC documentary "The life of birds", especially the cameraman who is very important but always ignored by the audience (just like the air).

This is a kiwi who lives in New Zealand and have abandoned flying a long time ago so it looks like a fury ball with a bird head and 2 legs. It is now "looking" for food at night, we should better say it is smelling for food because of its sensitive nose and poor eyesight.

This is an Australian frilled lizard. "When it is threatened by its enemies, it responds by spreading the giant frill it has around its neck. But if that doesn't scare them off--
it runs away on its hind legs."
--David Attenborough
This scene was very funny, looks like a sneaky python silly walk.
Warning: Their hands can be very far from reality


トール said...

Finally, an update! But the running away lizard doesn't look very scared. More like seductively trying to get caught.

elephantom said...

I told you that it looked very funny. I made an effort to make it look realistic, but it was still infinitely close to a cartoon