Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shy !

This is a ridiculous love story for the ultra shy !

There is one thing that I call the idea metabolism which means if I don't let go of (publish) the old ideas, new ones will never come to me... That is why I publish so many within this one weekend! --To make room and welcome the new ideas and inspirations ! To raise the metabolism !


A SUN said...

What inspired you to make such a funny and "reasonable" story?

Cyrus Rumi said...

Very deep and very philosophical.

Peace and honour to you.


ps. It doesn't matter if one is gay/lesbian, or not. We are all human, and should respect each others individuality.

elephantom said...
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elephantom said...

Hi, cyrus!
Thank you !

I like this post very much indeed! The story can only take place when there is absolutely no discrimination against gay. You see that they talked about it so naturally as if "I'm gay" is as normal a fact as "I come from *** city" while to reveal the affection to each other seems to be so difficult under the power of their ultra shyness ! :)