Sunday, November 9, 2008

scratch paper bird

A scratch paper bird I did while listening to Xaur-Hide my wings


Xaur said...

I just wanted to thank you on that little drawing. I stumbled across your blog by accident and saw that my song inspired you. It always amazes me how interconnected things can be, that something I did on the other side of the world influenced a drawing to be made on the other ( about butterfly effect ;) )Interesting thing is that your scratch paper bird looks like something I would draw (or rather - would like to draw).
Thank you once again and keep on creating new worlds ;)

elephantom said...

Hi, Xaur. Thank you for leaving such lovely message! I never thought you would ever come to see this! I am so amazed at how accidental things can be!
Your butterflies are abstract and beautiful, therefore inspire different ripples in different minds.
Please keep releasing butterflies!

Xaur said...

I read your blog and I don't understand why would you think that you're not interesting person. Thing is that simple people can only see simple things and that people like you are "out of their reach". They just can't see your colors so you shouldn't be surprised that most of them don't think of you as interesting person. They're just not tuned to your frequency.
The way that my song inspired even one person among 6 billion of them who live on this balloon means more than any fame and fortune. Don't be afraid to express yourself or to be creative. It doesn't matter how many people think that you are interesting, what matters is who thinks that you are interesting.
I don't believe in coincidences and accidents. You know from physics that everything is interconnected. Maybe my "accident" of finding your blog was for the simple thing that you needed to hear those things and I just felt you had to hear them ;-)

elephantom said...

Hi, Xaur
Sorry that I always reply late because I like taking time to digest before reply especially when it is such an inspiring and meaningful one.
Thank you very much! I guess you are right that I needed to hear it (^_^)(<=typical Japanese face mark).
Being creative and creating bring me more pleasure and excitement than anything else. Maybe it is not proper for me to say so but I feel that creating even a small inspiring new idea is worth more than acdemic achievements or large group of partying friends (in my value system;) ). I want to develop my creativity and the skills needed to express it if I have time. This is one of the reasons why I started this blog.

Xaur said...

There is no need to apologize for not replying sooner. Hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog. You would be surprised how few there are creative people in this world. There are of course many who paint, draw, write, compose... But only few of them don't expect nothing in return, no material things, money, fame, acknowledgment, awards, good reviews... They do it just for pleasure and excitement, like you said it, of being able of creating something that didn't exist before.
You look at this world with different eyes, you see things that others can't but I know that sometimes it can feel lonesome and depressing that nobody else can see what you can and can't enjoy beauty of this world and universe as you can. Maybe sometimes it makes you sad that there are so few people around you with whom you can share the "universe" you live in. So, don't let the world and people pull you down. You have wings and you don't have to hide them. Keep flying ;-)
P.S. I'm not quite sure why I need to write you this. I've always followed my intuition and it keeps "nagging" me to write you this stuff.

elephantom said...

Hi, I want to give you a lot of thanks for encouraging me! Of course you are very welcome to comment here and I am sure that there are more people in this world who need or would like to see your opinion, alhough I am less sure that I am so good as to deserve your praise. Nevertheless, I think you potraited an ideolistic artist that I would admire. Maybe that is who you are ;)

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So great!