Friday, April 16, 2010

Swedish social life

Everything social falls from the above!
A good alternative of the thunder god the hammer and the bird-droppings is alcohol!
(When you are alcoholed, you are licenced!!!)

True or not.
It's fun.

See nowadays they are help themselves on internet...


elephantom said...

The complete last sentence is:
It's fun to exaggerate this way!

Anna Malou said...

Muahaha! "I look the other way so he will understand that I like him..."
I will print this one and hang on the wall in our office!
But where did the bird droppings come from?
btw your computer is making funny noises all the time, sounds like the sound before the underground train announcements

elephantom said...

>"I look the other way so he will understand that I like him..."

Oh, I really like that!

I realized that I am liked by so many!

小兔子 said...

How about your life in Sweden?

elephantom said...

It is lovely.

*I feel free to try many new things(arranging movie nights, BBQ parties that I never thought I could have the nerve to do).

*I also feel that in Sweden, if you work hard you really gain respect from other people regardless of gender and nationality so I feel that my "power" goes proportional to how hard I work -very fair

*Swedes have this built-in value/belief in fairness and equality which may be date back to viking age. -result in stable society and very nice crowd of people to work with.

*When you work in team with Swedes, they work really hard to contribute.

*yes, no one likes to work out of there working hour but they work hard when they are supposed to -it's efficient in a Swedish way. but of course most of them don't do extra either :)

*I am not even critical about them being shy, it makes them cuter :)

elephantom said...

by the way, if you only look at the surface, Sweden appears to be dull or boring as some people may say. I suppose, whatever I appreciate here is not something superficial that you can see with your eyes -I found some hidden treasure :)