Friday, February 1, 2008

Dedicated to Meiji Almond Chocolate (2004)

I made this pic out of Meiji Almond Chocolate box and Meiji Milk Chocolate wrapper.
Want to see the original?

Half the weight I gained during year 2004 came from these naughty chocolates.
Luckily, I am through with the "Almond one" now.


Sarah said...

Wow that's amazing. I love it. I'm craving for chocolate too lately. Luckily I haven't yielded yet. : )

elephantom said...

I am happy that you like this! Actually, the piece itself was not to be found after I moved out from old dorm! This is the only remainder...
You see, there is something awkward about the middle one who is wearing a mini skirt! She is wearing some another skirt under the mini skirt! Let me explain the reason here! I used to put it outside my dorm door. I was sure that some Japanese "hentai" would want to lift her skirt, so I made her wear an additional unliftable skirt;P