Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pig again

Last week's experiment was draining me dry! I didn't have energy to think of anything funny!! So I only put this old drawing on!
I made this drawing because I hate some.....
Well, this is a fashion-obsessed, brand-obsessed, manner-obsessed, form-obsessed, look-obsessed empty-minded dressed up pig lady.

A pig looks great when dressed up, wearing jewelries and behaving femininely, and it could even play lady, believe it or not.
This pig shouldn't only represent vain ladies because there are some vain boys/men out there too!


トール said...

I guess this wild pig is trying to become more civilized, putting on the trappings of civilization, without changing the primitive mind inside. I wonder where the small pig went? Hopefully he could make another attempt to bridge the cultural gap, teaching the wild pig proper piggish society values.

elephantom said...

The small pig is hiding in the next page, if you see it carefuly. The wild pig may teach the small pig the biological advantage of good look, good manner.. and so on. In this case the small pig may be persuaded to behave just like this vain wild pig to enjoy every mating season in the coming years.