Friday, June 27, 2008

Interesting Person

Obviously, according to the "cam***dge" definition appeared in the first page, I am not an interesting person, because I don't belong to a clan, I don't have a totem, and I am not a swiss army knife! Ever since the friend told me about what makes an interesting person I have been thinking about the concept.

Some say that science deals with the interconnection between phenomena. With a phenomenological approach I see that if you want to be interesting then you can appear to be!

At last whether I am interesting or not doesn't matter to myself but to others.


Cyrus Rumi said...


Found your cartoon sketches very interesting, and your last comment :'...doesn't matter to myself but to others.'

We very often use subjective criteria points to establish the meaning of an 'intersesting person'. It is usually the 'other' person making the subjective evaluations. Furthermore, the evaluation of the 'Self' is very difficult to achieve if you are the only one doing the evaluation, ie. the 'Self' evaluating the 'Self'. Also, this method would introduce considerable bias into the analysis. However, the 'Self' can evaluate the 'Self' if the person concerned enters a deep dissociated state of mind. This is probably achieved by many years of deep meditation and pure mental focus into the 'unknown'.

Peace and honour to you.


Cyrus Rumi said...

ps. Simply be yourself, and all things will fall into place, in the due course of time. Never hurry the process; and also be kind to your physical and psychological needs.

Peace to you.


elephantom said...

Hi, cyrus
Thank you for commenting. Interesting points!
I never thought that much at all when making this cartoon. Maybe I should re-study my own post and try to discover some deep philosophy there :)


bunny said...