Sunday, June 22, 2008

New religion -an invention

I always wanted to build a blog for my mother who died in 2000.


Cyrus Rumi said...

Hello again!

Just want to say that your mother will always be with you, in your thoughts, in your actions and deeds.And in the things we dearly love.We are all connected in ways we cannot comprehend. Truly believe in yourself, and this belief will guide you to your loved ones.You are never alone in the realm of thoughts and dreams/visions.

Peace and honour to you.


トール said...

Nice. Reminded me a little of XKCD, where many entries are more thoughtful than humorous. It also reminded me of a (very short) short story called "A brief history of Death Switches" available here, also about afterlife in cyberspace but of course different from your idea.

elephantom said...

Hi, cyrus,
thank you for well-said words.

Hi, トール,
It is a long time since you last leave a comment! Thank you for comparing this to XKCD, I did try to make it geeky. Thank you for the link too!